Embroidery Workshop: Floral Monogram

Embroidery Workshop: Floral Monogram

Floral Monogram: Hand Embroidery workshop via Zoom on Monday 26th July 2021 at 7pm (EDT) 


In this 2 hour workshop via Zoom you will learn the basics of embroidery and how to stitch this beautiful vintage monogram.


Once you place the order you will have access to the instant download of the patterns with the complete alphabet. Soon enough you will also receive an email with all details on how to get ready, list of supplies and the Zoom link to log in on the day.


The workshop is ideal for beginners that would like to learn embroidery and for those that would like to learn how to stitch this monogram with stitches such as long and short, stem stitch, satin stitch and french knots. I will take you through the whole process, even on how to thread the needle if you need to!


I will also encourage you to create your own color palette and will explain you how to do this very easily. You will also have the list of the original colors in case you prefer that. You can choose to do it with colors or in whitework.


You are welcome to buy all necessary supplies for the project so you can start stitching during the class or you can also just watch and then do it on your own. Whatever you would prefer!


This is an easy going and fun class. The project is more accessible than how it may appear as it only has 9 different  thread colors. If you ever wanted to learn embroidery do not hesitate in booking the class. Looking forward to helping you get started in this beautiful hobby.


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